Introducing EyLog – A new insight into your child’s development

At Bright Beginnings we pride ourselves on our continuous effort to be at the forefront of advancement and development in regard to child development. So let us introduce our latest endeavor, EyLog, an online observation-tracking tool that allows parents instant access to and opportunity to input into their child’s development, as well as establishing a dialogue with our practitioners.

Article published by Bright Beginnings Day Nursery, 26/09/16, edited by D. S. Stacey.

EyLog is an in-depth, secure online system that allows our practitioners to easily complete detailed observations, assessments and planning for individual children. After which parents are able download the EyLog app and login to see reports of their child’s development in real-time. Allowing for greater transparency and effective relationships between you as parents and us here at Bright Beginnings. Using EyLog enables us to take and upload video and photographic evidence so you can not only read but also see your child developing!

Bright Beginnings has introduced EyLog as part of our paperless ‘Go-Green’ initiative. The online/tablet-based approach to creating reports and observations is helping us reduce our carbon footprint by removing the need for piles of paper. It also saves you as parents having to take home endless day reports!

“EyLog is a fantastic new system that I have used both as a parent and a member staff. As a parent I can easily access my child’s daily diary, comment on activities and milestones he’s achieved at nursery and add all the fun learning he and I do at home to share with my child’s key worker, all from the EyLog app. From the perspective of being a staff member it is really exciting to receive so much interaction from parents. The children’s learning journals are starting to look really colourful with all the achievements the children are making” Sharon Styles – Assistant Manager


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