Senior Nursery Nurses – Steph & Fran

Text Box: Picture of StephHi my name is Steph, I am a senior nursery nurse in kangas room. I started at Bright beginnings in June 2012 as an apprentice and since qualifying as a level 3 I have enjoyed a career progression to senior nursery nurse. Alongside my level 3 in childcare I have also achieved my level 2 in working with children with learning difficulties and have attended many courses including safeguarding, first aid, food nutrition.
I have worked in every room within the nursery but have spent the majority of my time in kangas throughout this time. During my time I have witnessed children progress within the nursery and go on to school, which is a privilege to watch and be a part of. I ensure that daily routines run smoothly and that the children’s happiness, care and welfare is our main priority. I am passionate about ensuring the children reach their full potential and receive the best early education.
I have been involved with the continuous development of the baby unit outdoor area collecting natural recourses and making our own resources be it sensory or visually including a tin wind chime made by the children, planting and caring for a variety of herbs alongside other things. This is in order to enhance the learning opportunities for the children outside.

Text Box: Picture of Steph     
Hi, my name is Fran, I have little girl named grace and I am one of the senior nursery nurses in Kangas! I have worked at bright beginnings day nursery since 2013. I have achieved a BA honours degree in Children and Play work, and have continued to further and use this knowledge to best support children’s learning and development at Bright Beginnings.
I worked across a variety of different childcare settings throughout my degree, which has helped me to pick up a variety of skills to provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children thrive. I am passionate about promoting learning through play by discovering the different ways in which children learn and using this to best develop their skills and take them on to their next stages of development.
During my time at bright beginnings I have contributed to the enhancement of the baby unit outdoor area and one of my main focus has been enhancing the outdoor play house including displaying age appropriate pictures and creating a comfortable story area for children to enjoy whilst outdoors. Whilst in the room I ensure that children have good quality play opportunities to best support them to achieve their next steps in addition to supporting staff to provide a range of activates that are age appropriate and follow the children’s individual interests.

The Room

The Room
In Kanga’s we care for children from around 22 to 30 months. The children’s happiness, care and welfare is of paramount importance to us and we strive to support the children’s learning and development by providing a variety of different play opportunities throughout the day.

Within the room we deliver a daily planned activities and set out continuous provisions throughout the whole day ensuring the children have a selection of learning opportunities which include their interests to support their development, during which the staff within the room can engage and use a method we call ‘scaffolding’ this is to ensure the children are able build their knowledge through play. We use a variety of play opportunities including messy play in which we use a variety of materials be it jelly, ice, gloop, rice, pasta and natural resources including hay, mud, sand ect, creative play in which we can use chalk, paint, gluing and sticking this is just to name a few.

Access to outdoor areas allows us to encourage play in all weathers in order for the children to have a variety of experiences to ensure this play is enjoyed to its best potential we provide wellies, rain macs and umbrellas for the children to use. We continually enjoy and strive to involve parents in the work that we do through sharing key learning moments and asking parents to contribute to the things we do for example display boards and capturing short observations of any new achievements children have achieved at home.

Parents are also asked to contribute to these:

We also like to hear about your child's experiences outside of nursery. This provides us with a greater understanding of each child and provides a valuable opportunity to promote their language development. Each key group has its own display board in nursery and they display examples of the children's art work and photographs of their achievements and activities. We invite parents to bring items from home to display here as well, e.g. photos of events, days out, holidays, or anything else important to your child.