Safety Security

All mums and dads, have to be certain the nursery or pre-school they choose is safe, secure and that their children are happy. All this within a stable and interesting learning environment, where the facility still maintains the highest possible standards. As Directors, we experienced similar concerns quite a few years ago now, before we became established Bright Beginnings, when we both had difficult and demanding careers. The answer was to become Children’s Day Nursery & Pre School owners and do it ourselves. Easier said than done!!

We have made no exceptions and cut no corners, when dealing with your children’s safety within our facility, maintaining a safe and secure place to be, whether that be during the children’s activities within our nursery and pre-school, in our gardens and exploration areas or on one of our outings. The facility is surrounded by 2.4-metre-high fences on the parameter, with additional 1.2 metre and 1.8-metre-high fences to protect children from traffic.

We ensure that your children are supervised at all times both indoor and outdoor by trained, qualified and experienced staff. All activities, other than personal ones, are recorded. Staff are recruited following Safeguarding Procedures for Recruitment which includes interviews, checking of certificates, qualifications, references and vetted through the Disclosure & Barring Service. Staff complete an induction period and are mentored by a senior member of staff. All trainees and students are under no circumstances allowed to be left alone with children at any time. They are mentored by a nominated member of staff.

Totally Secure Environment    
Bright Beginnings Day Nursery & Pre-School premises have 24-hour CCTV coverage that covers internal and external play areas. There are multiple sensors around the building and any detection sends messages and still images to our Smart Phones. From that point, the managers can monitor live footage and even search previous footage, from anywhere in the country. All cameras are INFRARED and anyone can be seen, even in pitch darkness.
You may ask to see more of our Protocols, Policies and Procedures at any time or use the links on our web site.



A Parent’s Thoughts

"I would like to express how happy, stimulated and excited my daughter is when she is in care of Amy and the other girls at Bright Beginnings Out of School Club. As a busy working Mum, I can say that I am truly happy with activities provided for the children, but most of all, the care and attention given to them are to the highest possible standards."