Team Leader – Natalie

Text Box: Picture of Natalie w/the children.I am Natalie the Team Leader within the Tiggers room. I have worked in nursery since 15th October 2012. I had been here 2 years before I was made senior of Tiggers and then progressed to Team Leader of the room the following year.
I have achieved a BA Hons Degree in Childhood and Youth from Leeds Trinity University before coming to work within the nursery setting.

I have been involved in the development of the greenhouse, which is situated within the Tiggers playground. The greenhouse is made up of 2 walls of recycled bottles, which the children helped to collect and attach together in order to create the long tubes for the walls. We have created a gardening area within the greenhouse along with a classroom area. The children are involved with helping to pick the vegetables which they wish to grow and they part take in every step of the way from seed to finished product and every step in between. Involving the children with this process has allowed them to develop the understanding that foods can begin from seeds and do not just appear on their plates. It has encouraged children to try new foods, which they may not have normally eaten.

The Room

The Room
Tiggers is the preschool room of the nursery, which caters for the 3-5 year old children. Here our primary aim is getting the children ready for their transition into school once they leave us. This involves allowing the children to become independent in most day-to-day tasks. We work on a ratio of 8 children to 1 adult with a maximum of up to 30 children with 4 staff members. Within our room we deliver daily planned activities both indoors and out, offering opportunities for the children to develop their learning. We also have an intervention area that the children visit every day with a primary focus on mathematics and literacy, thereby helping to advance the children’s development through targeted focus.

The continual introduction of the new areas has helped enhance the learning and development of the children. For example, developing the Tiggers’ outdoor area has served to enhance play through ever-multiplying natural resources.



Parents are also asked to contribute to these:

We also like to hear about your child's experiences outside of nursery. This provides us with a greater understanding of each child and provides a valuable opportunity to promote their language development. Each key group has its own display board in nursery and they display examples of the children's art work and photographs of their achievements and activities. We invite parents to bring items from home to display here as well, e.g. photos of events, days out, holidays, or anything else important to your child.